What’s This?

This is a blog to answer all those lycanthrope-related questions that you always had, but were afraid to ask!

Blackbird is an excitable, adventurous, black-coated werewolf. She likes house and synthpop music, amateur astronomy, and running from the police. She’s been a werewolf since she was in high school.

Duran is a level-headed, if absent-minded, brown-coated werewolf. He likes indie and surf rock, thriller novels, and not letting anyone figure out that he and his girlfriend are supernatural monsters. He’s been a werewolf since Blackbird bit him, and turned him into one.

They live here:

Ask The Werewolves has been answering viewer questions about the lives of a young werewolf couple since 2015. Originally on Tumblr, this blog was relocated to its own site at the tail end of 2018. The comic book series has taken things toward an ongoing narrative, while blog questions are answered as best as these two werewolves can.

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